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About me


 I have always had a passion for Nutrition and have a Diploma in Food and Nutrition from South Africa. After having a family I realised there had been a paradigm shift in many areas of Nutrition and I returned to study, gaining an advanced Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, as well as 2 awards: Best Clinical Practitioner and Academic Excellence.  I have an in-depth knowledge of international cuisines from spending over 13 years cruising the Mediterranean, USA, Canada, Caribbean islands, South Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand as a chef on luxury superyachts. 

I am a trained G.E.M.M (Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation) practitioner.  G.E.M.M targets key elements of the gut ecosystem, which in turn favourably modulate the function of distant organ systems.  I also have training in FitGenes genetic testing for health. This emerging field of nutrigenomics, (the study of how nutrients affect the way genes behave in the body) can unlock your DNA and provide the ultimate in personalised health, helping determine your precise dietary needs based on how you were made. 

Women’s health and wellbeing, gut health, auto-immune conditions, and children’s nutrition (in particular for the treatment of ADD/ADHD) are special interests.

I am committed to ongoing learning and the latest developments in treatment protocol, functional testing, and using evidence-based research. 

I love combining my skills as a chef with my nutrition knowledge to produce wholesome food that also tastes delicious!

Located in Westmere, Central Auckland I am available to see clients in my home clinic or by request on Skype or FaceTime.  

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