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Functional tests

Tests may only be ordered alongside a consultation.

Sample reports available.

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DUTCH test

The DUTCH Complete™ is the most advanced hormone test, offering an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and melatonin, along with their metabolites, to identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Easily collected in the comfort of your own home, samples are then sent to the lab to be processed. There are a number of different options to choose from but the Complete is my preferred test.

Price: $477.55


Complete Microbiome Mapping

Designed to assess a patient's microbiome from a single stool sample, with particular attention to microbes that cause disease or disrupt normal microbial balance and contribute to perturbations in the GI flora and contribute to illness. Tested: parasites/worms, opportunistic bacteria, fungi/yeast, bacterial pathogens, viral pathogens, beneficial flora. GIT markers include: faecal occult blood, calprotectin, pancreatic elastase, secretory IgA, zonulin, and beta-glucoronidase.


Alcat Food Sensitivity test

Test over 450 individual foods, additives, colourings, molds, functional foods, medicinal herbs and chemical substances (such as environmental, chemical, and pharmaceutical substances).  The results from the Alcat test can help determine which foods and other substances may trigger unwanted inflammation, and related symptoms. The Alcat test may help patients improve chronic health issues through dietary change.

Prices vary on which kit is ordered

$299 - $1463.00

ION test

The ION® (Individual Optimal Nutrition) is a combination of nutritional tests that measure levels vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and organic, fatty and amino acids. Using the combination of nutritional testing profiles, the ION® offers a complete evaluation of nutritional functions that impact patients' mental and physical well-being. Over time, functional nutritional deficiencies can result in a variety of chronic health conditions. The ION® nutritional testing profile can help determine the basis for these conditions.


Organic Acid Test

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) offers a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health with 76 markers.  It provides an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria. Abnormally high levels of these microorganisms can cause or worsen behavior disorders, hyperactivity, movement disorders, fatigue and immune function. Many people with chronic illnesses and neurological disorders often excrete several abnormal organic acids in their urine. The cause of these high levels could include oral antibiotic use, high sugar diets, immune deficiencies, acquired infections, as well as genetic factors. Other markers: Fatty acid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, B-complex vitamin markers, methylation co-factor markers, neurotransmitter metabolism markers, oxidative damage and antioxidant markers, toxicants and detoxification.


SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) test

SIBO is a serious condition affecting the small intestine. It occurs when bacteria that normally grow in other parts of the gut start growing in the small intestine. Symptoms may include: bloating, constipation or diarrhea, feeling of fullness, gas, and digestive discomfort, distended abdomen, and weight loss. SIBO leads to poor nutrient absorption and can cause other issues.


FitGenes tests

The genes in every human being exist as a pair, and like every close relationship, sometimes our genes don’t get along and don’t team up as well as others.

These genetic variations are the focus of FitGenes, a comprehensive analysis of your personal genetic profile and how the variants in your genes can influence your fitness and your general health. A number of tests are available:

1. FitGenes Health and Welbeing   Analyses a select range of genes that are key influencers of general health, wellbeing and performance including cell defence, inflammation, vitamin D receptors, methylation and homocysteine metabolism, cardiovascular health, fat and cholesterol metabolism.


2.FitGenes Immunity Profile Complimentary with Health & Wellbeing profile report. This report presents a number of genes regarding an individual's ability to prevent and minimise the impact of disease and, where applicable, how your genes may be relevant to your ability to fight viruses. Standalone price. $130.00

3. FitGenes Food Choice
Identify the genetic potential for intolerances and sensitivities to gluten/coeliac, lactose/dairy, alcohol, caffeine/coffee and salt.


4. FitGenes Carb Choice (AMY1)
Genetic Profile Report based on AMY 1 gene which affects the response to starch from carbohydrates and health issues including weight management, diabetes, gluten intolerance, and dental decay. The only commercially available test for AMY 1 worldwide.


5. 23andMe/ Ancestry Conversion to Fitgenes Health & Wellbeing Profile
Data assimilation of 23andMe / or Ancestry DNA into Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report to provide an in-depth analysis of genetic variations including cell defence, inflammation, vitamin D Receptors, methylation and homocysteine metabolism, cardiovascular health, fat and cholesterol metabolism.


6. 23andMe/Ancestry or Fitgenes Health & Wellbeing Conversion to Fitgenes Food Choice Report
Data assimilation of the 23andMe/Ancestry or Fitgenes Health & Wellbeing DNA report into Fitgenes Food Choice Profile Report.


Helicobacter pylori Antigen (faecal)

H. pylori testing detects an infection of the digestive tract caused by the bacteria to help diagnose the cause of symptoms and/or ulcers. H. pylori infections of the digestive tract are very common, with as many as half of the world's population infected.


Omega-3 Index test

A simple, easy-to-use, validated test that measures red blood cell (RBC) omega-3 essential fatty acid (EPA and DHA) status to personalise supplemental and diet prescriptions. A correlation has been found between an individual’s omega-3 index and their risk of certain conditions including cardiovascular health issues.



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